Business Development

Business development and improvement services

Business development encompasses all the plans, strategies, processes and actions necessary to create and implement growth opportunities for an organization. The purpose of developing and improving a business is to create long-term, sustainable value for a business and its customers.

That is, all the leadership and operational activities involved in the development and improvement of a mature and growing business, or the detection and elimination of an existing business and moving it toward success, profitability and value creation.


توسعه کسب و کار


Every business, at every stage of growth, needs to utilize the technical expertise of the business advisory teams to achieve its goals and position in the market.

The goals of the Business Development and Improvement Team are to identify and troubleshoot organization and business issues in the areas of management, production and R&D, human resources, marketing and sales, system and digital marketing, which lead to long-term value creation. In the three product areas, the market and the network of relationships are enhanced by focusing on growth opportunities.

RaymandService's top executives are among the country's young and successful entrepreneurs, warm and cold, and we will be at Raymand's service as a compassionate and experienced guide in the following three areas to conquer the summit of success:

Internal Business Development

Business Diagnosis and Business Development and Improvement

International Marketing Development

Export Managment

Investment services

Investment Services and Leading Innovative Projects by Venture Capital

We are at RaymondService as a trusted and caring consultant, step by step through the troubleshooting process
We will be with you as managers and entrepreneurs until the business is fully developed and improved
And we support you through the final stages of your business growth and success

Our Service

Organizational Diagnostics

  • High agility and flexibility in service delivery
  • Price is low
  • High quality along with innovation and methods of incidence
  • Creating platforms tailored to different businesses (executive consulting)

International Marketing Development

  • Providing comprehensive executive services in the field of imports
  • Providing export management services
  • Holding specialized workshops
  • Supply chain and import requirements of different industries

Investment services

  • Forerun
  • Designing a unique and tested evaluation process for Due Diligence
  • Close and extensive communication with foreign investors
  • Field guidance with technology-driven initiatives