International Business Development Services

Import and export of technological and startup technology products and services

In essence, international trade protocols as well as the specific customs and cultures of consumers of all nations show that each region has its own challenges, rules and benefits.
Many Iranian companies produce high-quality products that can be marketed internationally and competitively. But the literature on international trade is very different from that of domestic trade, and it is more complex and complex.

Understanding the target markets, how to deal with them, concluding relevant contracts and considering their security aspects, financial issues, incentives and legal protections for exporters are the main concerns of the country's exporters that hinder the country's potential export potential.

Questions you need to answer before joining global markets:

  • Have you carefully selected and segmented your target countries and markets?
  • Do you use marketing research to understand the needs, preferences and habits of customers in each country?
  • Have you identified the key and important buying factors in each country?
  • Does your company have annual marketing plans and programs?
  • Do you use timely marketing mix to counter competitors, penetrate markets or maintain your position in a timely manner?

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Attending international markets can be attractive and lucrative
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Import and export consulting and executive services

For many importers and exporters, on the other hand, it is not an easy task to obtain information about different countries and international companies in order to find the best option for import export cooperation after comparing between different companies.
On the other hand, after selecting a company that they intend to work with, exporters and importers need full control of international trade processes and laws to avoid potential losses and the risk of bankruptcy.
Consequently, due to the widespread changes and competition in the international trade, those who intend to operate in the field of export and import should not enter this field without the knowledge and consultation of international trade experts, as the international markets are tempted. Are profitable and profitable, due to their strict and complex laws; failure has been the cause of capitalists and businesses entering the market without the necessary expertise.
Finally, it can be said that the start of any activity in the field of export and import of goods, clearance and foreign trade will be a failure and failure without any consultation.