International market development services

Export Management Services (EMC)

Foreign market development services in Raymandservice are offered in three parts, before, during and after the export sales of products and services, and in the following two models:

1. Hourly and periodic counseling:

In this way, specialized services are provided on an agreed basis with the employer. In fact, the consultant will provide services as a facilitator, on a limited, case-by-case basis, at the request of the employer.

2. Project Method:

The process of exporting goods and products consists of a set of actions that must be formulated in a coherent program with a clever "strategy" by an export management company (EMC). Identify issues such as where the company is located? And what position does it want to reach? And issues like these are things that need to be defined clearly and precisely.

Further, with the aim of developing a "detailed and operational plan", the use of information acquisition tools will be essential. How will the process of penetrating the target markets be? What are the ways to get information from target markets? And ...


We continue this path by conducting "market research" that includes identifying competitors, major customers, licenses, and the standards required to reach the target market, and so on.

At this stage, which is also highly sensitive, it will be necessary to be aware of "international correspondence and international treaty law". What should your contract have from a legal standpoint? As the route progresses, new territories of export will emerge.

What should be the "freight forwarding"? What are the requirements for this step? What tool should be used? Finally, there is the discussion of "transfer of money" between the parties and the subtleties of this section.

It is a simplified outline of the export process, each with different details and details depending on the product and the target country.

Why Raymandservice ?

  • Export management company
  • knowledge based company
  • Member of Tech-Export Services Corridor
  • Member of Science and Technology Park


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The following actions will be available prior to the conclusion of the contract until the export sales contract for your products and services is completed:


We are At RaymondService, along with knowledge-based and startup companies, are proud to make bold stories and are always on the road to growth and maturity.

Undoubtedly, at RaymondService as an Export Management Company (EMC) with the knowledge and experience of its successful entrepreneurs and reputable ecosystem experts, along with access to our extensive international communications, you can think of your business growth and development more easily. Leave us the domestic and international market.